Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Art of Schin Loong

I have recently finished interviewing the amazingly talented Schin Loong http://www.schin-art.com/ for a feature article in the magazine i contribute to Alt Fashion Magazine http://www.altfashion.co.uk/
I found her work through the etsy forums. I was taking part in a discussion and spotted her gorgeous avatar of her artwork and so clicked on it to look at her shop.

My goodness! i was blown away by the detail in her paintings,the lush colours,her different painting styles. (she paints realistically and creates both digital artworks and ones in the japanese anime style.) and emailed the editor of alt fashion Leona Turford straight away saying we had to have her in the magazine. Leona was thrilled!


Moth Eater

Love Lies

Moonchild anime style painting

Above is a small sampling of her beautiful and inspiring artworks.These images are of her more darker pieces do check out her website and her etsy shop http://www.schin.etsy.com/ and have a read of her interview in the upcoming Issue 20 of Alt Fashion Magazine out July 2011.

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