Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Gothic Art dolls of Virginie Ropars

Be still my beating heart.... this artists work is mind blowingly detailed,sensual,dark,gorgeous if I won the lottery one of this artists works would be my first gift to myself.
The photos and link are re-blogged from the gorgeous Haute Macabre which devotes itself  to showcasing anything and everything dark,macabre and gothic looking.
So without furthur ado I hope you enjoy this artist's gorgeously dark dolls.....
Virginie Ropars 

ttfn everyone.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Art of Elizabeth Caffey

Elizabeth Caffey is another highly talented artist (that i interviewed) who uses oils to create surreal,moody,steampunk and gothic inspired paintings of women.They all stare out of the frame with big almond eyes that look so innocent, until you notice one is wearing a monocle or another has copper piping inside her.Nothing is completely what it seems with Elizabeth's ladies.

She is also to be featured in Issue 20 of Alt Fashion Magazine
Check out elizabeth's website and her etsy shop for her wonderful images.

Heres a mere sampling of what to expect....... also watch this space for posts about a possiable book collaboration between myself and Elizabeth based on a steampunk short story i,m writing which will also form the basis of a upcoming collection for 
all i can say is my story and some initial collection sketches teamed with Elizabeths haunting illustration.......

The Blind Queen Original Oil

Untitled oil Elizabeth Caffey

Tree Nymph Original Oil Elizabeth Caffey

Steampunk Woman Oil by Elizabeth Caffey

The Art of Schin Loong

I have recently finished interviewing the amazingly talented Schin Loong for a feature article in the magazine i contribute to Alt Fashion Magazine
I found her work through the etsy forums. I was taking part in a discussion and spotted her gorgeous avatar of her artwork and so clicked on it to look at her shop.

My goodness! i was blown away by the detail in her paintings,the lush colours,her different painting styles. (she paints realistically and creates both digital artworks and ones in the japanese anime style.) and emailed the editor of alt fashion Leona Turford straight away saying we had to have her in the magazine. Leona was thrilled!


Moth Eater

Love Lies

Moonchild anime style painting

Above is a small sampling of her beautiful and inspiring artworks.These images are of her more darker pieces do check out her website and her etsy shop and have a read of her interview in the upcoming Issue 20 of Alt Fashion Magazine out July 2011.

Welcome to the House of ShadowFlower Blog

Welcome circus freaks,gothic maidens,courtesans and people of the night!
This is my brand new blog for my newest ad:venture The House of ShadowFlower the dark sister to my other label House of SpiritFlower whose blog you can view here on blogger

House of ShadowFlower will be producing work in a darker vein,full of inspirations from the gothic subculture,the seven deadly sins,nocturnal creatures,freakish nightmares,twisted psycho circuses and the images of lush interior of the human body.

The House of Shadowflower website is currently under construction both through and our etsy shop will be up and running with darkly romantic offerings July 10th 2011.

You my fellow ShadowFlowers will have behind the seams access to how my pieces are created,whats inspiring me at any given moment,ideas for future collections where you through polls can decide which will be released next,tutorials and videos and anything else i can reveal to you.

So come now my darlings and tread with me for a while through the ShadowFlowers......