Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Art of Elizabeth Caffey

Elizabeth Caffey is another highly talented artist (that i interviewed) who uses oils to create surreal,moody,steampunk and gothic inspired paintings of women.They all stare out of the frame with big almond eyes that look so innocent, until you notice one is wearing a monocle or another has copper piping inside her.Nothing is completely what it seems with Elizabeth's ladies.

She is also to be featured in Issue 20 of Alt Fashion Magazine http://www.altfashion.co.uk/
Check out elizabeth's website http://www.elizabethcaffey.com/ and her etsy shop http://www.elizabethcaffey.etsy.com/ for her wonderful images.

Heres a mere sampling of what to expect....... also watch this space for posts about a possiable book collaboration between myself and Elizabeth based on a steampunk short story i,m writing which will also form the basis of a upcoming collection for http://www.houseofshadowflower.etsy.com/ 
all i can say is my story and some initial collection sketches teamed with Elizabeths haunting illustration.......

The Blind Queen Original Oil

Untitled oil Elizabeth Caffey

Tree Nymph Original Oil Elizabeth Caffey

Steampunk Woman Oil by Elizabeth Caffey

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